Citi China introduces Voice Biometrics authentication

Citibank (China) has introduced Voice Biometrics authentication in a bid to accelerate verification processes.

Citi China introduces Voice Biometrics authentication

The deployment of this technology, which uses voice as password, is expected to improve customer experience by eliminating the need to remember complicated passwords or answer several personal questions to confirm their identity.

The firm claimed that it is the first bank to adopt broadly free-speech voiceprint authentication technology in China.

Citi China country business manager of global consumer banking Darren Buckley said: “Citi has a history of exploring client centred innovation and technologies that enhance convenience and flexibility for our customers, so we are very pleased to launch Voice Biometric authentication as our latest innovation to enhance the banking experience of our client’s in China, one of our most important global consumer banking growth markets.”

This Voice Biometrics authentication system has already been introduced in multiple countries in the Asia Pacific region with a customer base of around 4.48 million people.