HNW investors favour Fintech investment opps

The majority of HNW and professional investors, (69%) favour fintech and technology deals, according to Capitama.

HNW investors favour Fintech investment opps

Simon Ramery, co-founder and CEO at Capitama, a direct private investment platform, said: “Fintech is a sector that has seen huge growth in the past three years and evidence suggests it’s just the start. Our data shows that investors see real value in the companies operating in this space, and that they see a strong future for the UK fintech scene despite Brexit.”

Capitama’s current registered investors have a total annual investment capacity of £7.6bn. Of this total capacity, investors have expressed an annual investment capacity of £5bn into private equity opportunities, with £2.3bn total annual investment in debt and income opportunities.

Of the nine different investment types available on Capitama, growth funding is the most popular, with 83% of Capitama registered Investors interested in this area, followed by Early stage investments (72%), Buy-outs (63%), and Real Estate (47%). 

Ramery added: “We’re also really excited about the commitment of investors to look at philanthropic and social impact investing.”