IntSights launches new fraud detection solution for banks

IntSights Cyber Intelligence has launched a new threat intelligence and fraud detection solution for banks.

IntSights launches new fraud detection solution for banks

Dubbed IntSights for Financial Services, the new technology enables financial services and banking companies to foresee direct threats, decrease fraud related expenses and safeguard their customers from social engineering schemes.

In order to collect threat data and gather attack indicators, IntSights’ Enterprise Threat Intelligence & Mitigation Platform creeps and screens millions of sources across the clear, deep and dark web.

Upon gathering the required input, the platform delivers customised threat intelligence specific to an organisations brand, assets, applications, employees, customers and supply chain.

By integrating financial-specific digital assets and new sources into the IntSights cyber risk analytics algorithm, the new threat detection toll allows clients to use active SWIFT code monitoring against fraudulent activities, discover compromised bank accounts, recognise stolen credit cards and discern hacked client bank account logins.

Users can combine the new solution with their existing fraud management systems and security enforcement devices to automate the mitigation and remediation process once threats are discovered.

IntSights chief product officer and co-founder Alon Arvatz said: “As the cyberattack surface continues to expand, we believe it is critical to provide our clients with tailored and actionable threat intelligence, rather than generic feeds and alerts.

“IntSights for Financial Services is the next step in our journey to help our clients protect against the threats that are most costly and dangerous to their industry.”

Recently, IntSights teamed up with the Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center (FS-ISAC) as an affiliate member to partner with banking and financial services firms in developing new algorithms to discover threats that directly target their organisation.