Banco Popular Dominicano joins Xoom's money transfer network

Banco Popular Dominicano is offering Xoom's deposit services to the bank's accounts in usually less than 15 minutes to the Dominican Republic.

Banco Popular Dominicano is offering Xoom’s deposit services to the bank’s accounts in usually less than 15 minutes to the Dominican Republic.

Dominicans will receive their money faster, since they will be able to withdraw the funds from their Banco Popular Dominicano account anytime at more than 700 ATMs across the island.

"Banco Popular Dominicano and Xoom are committed to providing innovations that bring more convenience to our customers and their loved ones," said Julian King, Xoom’s senior vice president, marketing and corporate development.

"By adding Banco Popular Dominicano to our network, we are providing customers more options when sending money to the Dominican Republic, and a seamless experience for both the sender and recipient."

Traditionally, Dominicans receive money through home delivery or cash pickup during business hours.

Now they have access to their money during evening hours, weekends and holidays through the Banco Popular Dominicano ATM network.

"Xoom is an exciting partnership for Banco Popular Dominicano," said Francisco Ramírez, Banco Popular Dominicano’s marketing vice president.

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