Emirates NBD choose Zafin to power relationship banking strategy

Emirates NBD has selected Zafin's miRevenue software to power its customer-centric relationship banking strategy.

Emirates NBD has selected Zafin’s miRevenue software to power its customer-centric relationship banking strategy.

During the first phase, Emirates Bank will implement the miPricing module of miRevenue across its retail banking operation.

The miPricing module is a relationship based pricing engine, which can receive data inputs and produce outputs that enable pricing models based on the client relationship.

Emirates NBD plans to extend miRevenue to the rest of the group in the future.

Anugopal Venugopalan, managing director of Zafin, said: "We are thrilled to work with Emirates NBD to implement miRevenue to power its customer-centric strategy.

"Relationship pricing continues to be a key differentiator for financial institutions worldwide," he added.

Fuad Mohamed, vice president at Emirates NBD, commented: "At Emirates NBD, our vision is to be the most dynamic financial service provider in the Middle East.

"As market leaders, we are constantly looking for innovative ways to deliver more value to our clients by pricing products based on the entire value of their relationship with the bank," he added.

Emirates NBD formed in 2007 after a merger between Emirates Bank International (EBI) and the National Bank of Dubai (NBD), combining the second and fourth largest banks in the UAE.


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