Silver surfers are fast embracing online banking

New research by Deloitte has shown that Britain's older generation or 'silver surfers' are the fastest adopters of digital banking.

New research by Deloitte has shown that Britain’s older generation or ‘silver surfers’ are the fastest adopters of digital banking.

The review of over 10,000 UK bank branches also found that the elderly and retired portion of the UK’s population’s need for traditional bank branches has diminished. Many of them, already having done most of their financial planning, required simple banking suited to digital channels.

Meanwhile younger people increasingly need bricks-and-mortar services in order to arrange highly regulated mortgages and investments in person.

Banks in the UK are utilising schemes to encourage the adoption of online and mobile banking as they try to evolve high street banking and cut down on operational costs.

Barclays employs 5,000 ‘Digital Eagles’ who help and advise customers on online technology. The bank is particularly concerned with the older generation, using age-simulation suits that limit movement and imitate sight and hearing problems in order for staff to test the accessibility banking services.

Lloyd’s Banking Group has also launched a scheme which utilises iPads in-branch to help older customers navigate online banking.

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