Turkey's VakifBank taps Kobil's app to improve online banking services

Vakifbank has adopted Kobil's Cep Imza, an m.identity-based mobile banking app that enables online customers to use a single password

Turkish Vakifbank has adopted Kobil’s Cep Imza, an m.identity-based mobile banking app, so that online banking users can use a single password to validate their activities instead of a time-consuming and multi-stage SMS validation process.

The new technology integrates the power of the iOS and Android operating systems with the web infrastructure, thereby eliminating the need for SMS validation in online banking processes.

Developed to improve the overall user experience, Cep Imza sends an interactive message to the user’s mobile phone during cash transactions, online banking processes, and banking activities carried out over the internet from PCs. Customers can complete the operation by clicking a “confirm” button in the message.

Cep Imza, which has been built using Kobil’s m.identity Application Security Technology (AST), will allow Vakifbank to meet customer demands more interactively and finalise updates faster, and customers will be able to complete their mobile and online banking proceedings with a single click, without having to complete multiple password screens.

In addition, the new system will also help prevent customers from becoming victims of piracy, theft, and other types of online fraud.