NCR expands use of integrated BIO-key fingerprint authentication tech

NCR expands use of BIO-key International's (BKYI's) integrated fingerprint authentication solutions.

NCR expands use of integrated BIO-key fingerprint authentication tech

NCR has expanded use of BIO-key International’s (BKYI’s) integrated fingerprint authentication solutions for secure authentication in its retail POS ecosystem.

BIO-key said that the NCR will expand deployment of technology through several national retail chains, including Wendy’s and Arby’s, offering secure and efficient access to tens of thousands of POS terminals.

Slashing issuance and management cost, BIO-key claims to recover tokens and access cards from a high turnover retail workforce and reduce plastic waste in the environment.

Earlier, NCR had distributed and deployed over 53,000 BIO-key enabled POS terminals.

BIO-key strategy & business development vice president Jim Sullivan said: “The longstanding relationship with NCR reinforces several elements of BIO-key’s reputation in the market, as well as continues to generate significant revenue for the Company.

“The expanded utilization demonstrates that BIO-key fingerprint authentication outperforms traditional authentication methods in real-world visible applications; nothing is more mission-critical to a retailer’s revenue than the POS.”

New Jersey headquartered BIO-key International develops and offers advanced identification solutions for commercial and government enterprises, integrators, and custom application developers