Top Online Casinos with Bitcoin in India

Bitcoin is the leading cryptocurrency used for various transactions at different points. Online casinos are one such place where you can use Bitcoin to play. They are super easy to deposit and quicker to withdraw.

If you are looking to play at the top Bitcoin online casinos, you have landed on the right platform. We have reviewed and rated some of the top Bitcoin online casinos for our readers. Go through the list to choose the best platform to gamble online using Bitcoin.

Top Online Casinos with Bitcoin

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About Bitcoin Online Casinos 

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency ever launched. When the world received its first digital currency, it was welcomed in a skeptical manner. However, now it has gained immense traction to be the number one crypto globally.

If you have ever used Bitcoin before for other things, you must already know it is so simple to use. And due to this, many online casinos have started including this option for deposits and withdrawals.

The usage of Bitcoin was limited at online casinos. This was mainly due to the uncertainty that users had around cryptocurrencies. However, after the 2018 crypto boom, many users understood its importance and started buying. 

Online casinos, too, opened their doors to allow swift Bitcoin transactions for gaming on their platforms. At this point, the gambling sites provided both options of gaming with FIAT currencies and Bitcoin. Further, the increase in access to online casinos in 2020 (during the COVID19 pandemic) brought dedicated Bitcoin online casinos to the market.

Now there are several Bitcoin online casinos where you can gamble just with cryptocurrencies. The trust and reliability have increased in crypto and casinos with Bitcoin over the years. 

Bitcoin transactions are not just instant but also secure. Even if you are new to this, you can learn to use it at online casinos in a few minutes. 

So, stay with us for more info on Bitcoin online casinos.

Pros and Cons 

Bitcoin casinos are indeed worthy of accessing. But it has its share of pros and cons. Let’s talk about them below: 

+         Offers faster transactions through Bitcoin

+         You can make private transactions without sharing banking details

+         The cutting out of middleman in the transactions help save on transaction fees etc.

+         Easy national and international transfers possible via Bitcoin

-          Not accepted at all online casinos

-          Must be very careful about destination address while making Bitcoin transactions

How to Deposit with Bitcoin at an Online Casino? 

It is pretty simple to deposit Bitcoin to play at online casinos. We will explain to you everything in detail on how to get started at the Bitcoin online casino. 

We suggest you take a look at the list of casinos online with Bitcoin we have created. You can begin by choosing the best online casino that accepts Bitcoin. Then follow the below-mentioned steps.

Step1: Register at the Bitcoin Casino

Once you have chosen the Bitcoin casino, visit the site. Then click on ‘Register’ to open an account on that platform. Enter the required details like full name, mobile number, email id, create a password, etc, to sign up.

Step 2: Deposit with Bitcoin at an online casino

After your account is created, click on the Deposit option. View all the deposit options in the casino. Then choose the Bitcoin. 

Step 3: Enter Deposit Amount 

In the next step, you will be prompted to enter the deposit amount. Add the amount you wish to deposit and play. Ensure to mention an amount that is greater than the minimum amount allowed for deposit.

Step 4: Bitcoin Transaction 

Next, you will be redirected to a new window containing the Bitcoin transaction info of the casino. The data includes the Bitcoin address and the Bitcoin amount you have to deposit. Copy the Bitcoin address.

Step 5: Go to your Bitcoin Wallet

Then open your Bitcoin wallet and paste the address copied in the previous step. Also, enter the deposit amount from the previous step. Confirm and deposit. Copy the transaction ID if generated.

Step 6: Confirm Transaction

Go back to your casino account. Use the transaction ID from step5 and paste it here to confirm the successful deposit. Some casinos do not have this last step. They directly confirm the deposit after step 5 automatically.

Tips When Making a Deposit with Bitcoin 

Here are some important tips users must follow to ensure secure deposits with Bitcoin at online casinos:

  • We suggest you first send the minimum amount to confirm the Bitcoin address of the online casino. Do not make heavy deposits in one go.
  • Check the minimum and maximum Bitcoin deposit limits to see if it falls under your gambling budget. Ensure to check this before starting to gamble at the casino. You can confirm this by visiting the payments page of the Bitcoin casino or by contacting customer support.
  • Also, check if the Bitcoin casino charges any deposit fees. The gambling sites generally do not charge any fees on deposits. However, it may vary from one site to another. So, it is better to ensure such points by contacting the customer support of a particular casino. 

How to Withdraw with Bitcoin at an Online Casino? 

Withdrawing at casinos with Bitcoin is as simple as depositing. You just have to send a withdrawal request and wait for a few hours to receive your winnings. If you opt for other FIAT transactions, it generally takes 1 to 7 days for the amount to reach your account. However, with Bitcoin, it is much faster and more convenient too.

Here is how you can send withdrawal requests at casinos with Bitcoin:

Step 1: Log in to your Bitcoin Casino Account 

Start by logging into your Bitcoin casino account. Enter your login ID and password to enter your casino account. 


Step 2: Go to the Cashier or Payments Page 

Then select the ‘Cashier’ to go to the banking page. 


Step 3: Select the Withdrawal Option 

On the Payments page, select the withdrawal and click on Bitcoin.


Step 4: Enter Withdrawal Details 

You will be redirected to the new window. Enter the Bitcoin withdrawal address and amount. You have to copy the Receive address from your Bitcoin wallet and paste it into the withdrawal address space. This way, you will get the amount credited to your wallet address. 

Finally, click on withdraw to send a withdrawal request to the casino. 


 Our Recommendations before Requesting a Withdrawal

There are some important things that you need to know before you send the withdrawal request. These include:

  • Sometimes the casinos do not support the same method for withdrawal that you used for the deposit. Hence, we suggest you confirm this detail on the payments page and then opt for it.
  • Before requesting your first withdrawal, you have to complete your KYC (Know Your Customer) process. It is compulsory at most online casinos.
  • Also, fulfill the wagering requirements if you have claimed any bonuses. 

Bitcoin Online Casino Transactions 

Till now, we have covered most of the things that a punter should know while making transactions at casinos that accept Bitcoin. Here are some other points that usually a punter is concerned about while depositing and withdrawing at the gambling sites. 

Are there any Deposit and Withdrawal Fees at casinos with Bitcoin? 

Usually, casinos do not charge any fees on deposits. Some casinos charge small fees to process withdrawals. However, we encourage you to check with the casino customer support to confirm it.

How fast are the transactions at casinos with Bitcoin?

Compared to FIAT currency transactions, Bitcoin Casinos offer faster and easier deposits and withdrawals. This is because there are no third parties (like banks, e-wallets etc.) involved here. So, the deposits are processed instantly, and the withdrawals take around a few hours. 

That being said, it sometimes varies from one platform to another. Visit a particular gambling site to learn more about it. 

What are Bitcoin transaction limits at the gambling site? 

This varies from one gambling to another. If you consider signing up at Nomini Casino, the minimum deposit and withdrawal limit is ₹900 worth of Bitcoin. Likewise, the max limit is ₹400,000 worth of Bitcoin. 

But if you opt for another Bitcoin casino, these limits might vary. 

Safe Transactions with Bitcoin 

You might be wondering if it’s safe to make transactions using Bitcoin. To be fair, your concern is right. However, literally, millions of people use Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for various online transactions. Even at online casinos, the punters use Bitcoin to play.

So, you need not worry about anything going wrong. We also suggest you take some safety measures to ensure safe Bitcoin deposits, withdrawals, and gambling.

  • Never share your Bitcoin casino account username and password with anyone. 
  • Also, avoid sharing details of your crypto wallet with others. This includes the customer support agents at the casinos and so on.
  • Confirm the wallet address of casinos by sending a small amount of Bitcoin first. This way, even if the crypto is misplaced to some other account, you will only lose the minimum amount. Further, if you send it to the right address, then go on to add more amount.
  • Recheck the wallet address to ensure the correct details.

How do we Choose the Bitcoin Online Casinos? 

We take pride in helping our readers with top Bitcoin online casinos. Our team considers various factors before deciding on the best casinos for you. Here is how we decide if the Bitcoin casino is worth gambling at.

  1. Availability of the Deposit Methods for online casino: The first thing we check is if the casino supports a particular payment option. In this case, we check if the site accepts transactions through Bitcoin. Then we ensure it supports both deposits and withdrawals through Bitcoin. 
  2. License: Next important thing is the license of the casino. Generally, licensed casinos are reliable and trustworthy. So, we ensure the casinos operate using authentic licenses.
  3. Security: Security is another important factor we consider while picking the casino with Bitcoin. We check if the sites have required safety measures such as SSL encryption, firewalls, etc, that code and secure users' banking data. 
  4. Deposit and Withdrawal Timing: No one likes it when there is a delay in the transaction process. Hence, our team looks for sites that offer instant deposits and faster withdrawal options.
  5. Transaction Fees: Usually, online casinos do not charge any massive fees on your transactions. Our team prefers to suggest to you such sites where there are zero to minimum transaction fees.

Why choose a Bitcoin Online Casino? 

Bitcoin is a revolutionary method of transaction. Online casinos, too, are considered one of the best innovations of this era. Combine both these to experience the best of the digital world.

Bitcoin transactions at online casinos are super-fast and easy compared to FIAT transactions. Also, Bitcoin casinos generally offer Provably Fair Games. These games let you check if the results of each game round are fair or not. This option is not available at all online casinos. Only an online casino with Bitcoin has it. So, try it out!


Here we have gathered some of the common queries generally users have concerning the casinos with Bitcoin.

Do online casinos offer bonuses on Bitcoin deposits?

To be honest, some online casinos do offer bonuses while others don’t! Hence, it is recommended to check the bonus terms on the casino before signing up and depositing.

How long does it take users to deposit at Bitcoin casinos?

Deposits at the casino with Bitcoin are often instant. If you don't see your amount being immediately transferred, we suggest you wait for a few minutes and then contact customer support.

Do online casinos support withdrawals through Bitcoin?

If any casino accepts deposits through Bitcoin, they do have provisions for withdrawals through the same method. However, if you see no withdrawal option via Bitcoin, you can always opt for other banking methods to withdraw your winnings.

Do all online casinos accept Bitcoin?

No, not all online casinos accept Bitcoin. Hence, we have recommended a list of casinos where you can find the best Bitcoin casinos. Check the list above.

How fast are withdrawal transfers through Bitcoin?

They generally take a few hours to complete. However, some casinos might even take 24 to 48 hours.