Top Online Casinos with Visa in India

One of the secure options for making payments at an online casino is via VISA credit card. VISA proves to be one of the most accepted modes of payment at casinos as well as iGaming portals. While Amex and MasterCard are close competitors, VISA’s acceptance is worldwide. 

If you are wondering how it works at online casinos, it is a simple method of keying in your card details one time at the time of making a financial transaction. Once you key in your card details, you will be redirected to a secure portal. Here VISA will seek further authentication to confirm the transaction. It usually includes keying in a password which is sent to your personal registered phone number or email address. Once these details are verified you can proceed to complete the transaction.

Nowadays there is no additional fee that is charged for making VISA card transactions at most of the reputed international gambling domains such as Betway. 

Top Online Casinos with Visa

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Pros and Cons

The usage of VISA cards has several advantages. At the same time, when compared to other payment methods, it has some limitations as well. The pros and cons of the VISA credit card method are summarised below:


  • Credit limits can help gamblers gamble responsibly at an online casino with VISA.
  • It is one of the secure ways to make payments online at reputed sites such as 10Cric casino.
  • Many casinos offer cashback or other bonuses for VISA credit card payments.
  • It is a widely accepted payment method internationally such as at Bet365 casino sites.


  • Some casinos that accept VISA might charge a processing fee for this payment option.
  • Deposits or withdrawals can have a certain delay in getting processed.
  • You need to key in your card details and save them in your casino account.

How to Deposit with a VISA Credit Card?

Steps to enlisting your VISA credit card for making deposits in your casino account are easy to follow. It is a fast, simple and convenient process, once you have registered at a casino with VISA as the payment method.

The steps to make your deposit with VISA are as follows:

  • Start by completing your registration details.
  • Once your account is formed, you would be asked to fill in deposit options in casinos.
  • Here you can choose VISA as your mode of payment.
  • You would be prompted to enter details of the card; these include your name, card number, CVV number, and date of expiry; most sites require their customers to enter the CVV number only at the time of making the transaction; other card details can be saved securely in your account.
  • Once card details are entered, you need to choose the amount you wish to deposit.
  • You would be transported to VISA secure webpage to complete the transaction by entering your password.
  • Once the verification is done, your payment would be processed successfully.

Most casinos nowadays process deposits with VISA at an online casino immediately. They also do not charge additional fees for this payment method.

Tips When Making Deposit with VISA Credit Card

It would be beneficial to keep the following in mind when choosing deposit methods for online casinos:

  • Some casinos might charge processing fees for credit card transactions. 
  • In case you are making payment in foreign currency there is often a 2.5 to 3% currency conversion fee applicable; check these terms before choosing to register at a foreign casino domain.
  • There might be delays in processing deposits with VISA in certain casinos more than in others; hence it is advisable to check the terms and conditions of a site before choosing to pay with VISA.
  • At the time of keying in your card details, ensure that the number and expiry date is entered correctly.
  • Check limits for deposits and withdrawals under the terms and conditions section, especially for VISA credit cards. For instance, there are certain casinos that allow such a payment method for making payments but not as a method for withdrawal.

The above points will help ensure that your chosen method of payment using a VISA credit card will be easy at any casino such as Europa casino. 

How to Withdraw with VISA?

Whether you are registering at Voodreams casino or any other reputed casino, you will find a VISA credit card as a way to make deposits as well as withdrawals. Most casinos do accept VISA as a way to make withdrawals as well besides using it as a deposit method. However, it is best to check up on the terms and conditions at the site you are applying for such as Casino Days. This will ensure that you can make this the option for making deposits as well as receiving payments.

Our Recommendations before Requesting a Withdrawal

When it comes to making a withdrawal using VISA steps to follow are:

  • Visit your account on the casino site you are registered with.
  • Ensure that you have accumulated enough winnings to seek a withdrawal; the minimum requirement for withdrawal is usually mentioned in the terms and conditions of the casino domain.
  • In order to request a withdrawal, you need to open the relevant section in your account.
  • Once you key in the amount you wish to withdraw you need to check your credit card details.
  • Most casinos such as Bet365 and others allow their customers to save their credit card details in their accounts.
  • After you confirm the withdrawal, the process would take a few days; in most casinos processing is done within two to five working days.

As evident from the steps mentioned above, when you seek to withdraw your winnings from a casino using VISA, the transfer is not instant. The withdrawal request is registered by the casino and they start processing the funds to your card account. However, for the money to reflect in your account would take a few days. This is usually a time span of 2 to 5 working days. 

In certain cases, to get the money transferred, there is a fee charged. Nowadays most regional casinos do not charge additional fees for such transactions. However, in case you have used your credit card to make a deposit in a foreign currency, you will be charged a fee when getting your withdrawals into your account. 

VISA Online Casino Transactions

Here we cover some of the features of making transactions using a VISA credit card:

1.  Fees

This is often a concern that many people have when it comes to paying with VISA at a casino site. A few years back there had been transaction fees attached to paying as well as withdrawing with a credit card. However, VISA is now accepted worldwide. Most casinos such as Royal panda casino allow their customers across several countries to make payments with a VISA credit card. They do not charge them additional fees for making a deposit or a withdrawal. However, it is best to read up on terms and conditions regarding payment at a site before you choose to make payments or receive the same with VISA.

2. Timing

This is the other aspect that many casino users are concerned with. In comparison to other payment methods, VISA payments are often not instant. However, if you check up sites such as 22bet casino you will find that they process credit card payments instantly. However, withdrawals might take time to reflect in the user accounts. These terms usually differ from one casino to another. It is important to check the terms before one chooses to set up their VISA credit card details in their account.

3.  Limits

Making deposits as well as seeking withdrawals with your VISA credit card could come with certain restrictions. Some casinos might put a limit on the amount you can deposit using your credit card. There are usually withdrawal limits as well. It is important to check these details before one sets up the payment mode in their casino account. 

Safety and Security

The following parameters of VISA ensure that your credit card transactions remain secure and safe every time:

  • When you register at any casino with VISA you can do so with confidence. There is a global privacy policy that this company follows. They do not sell the personal information of their customers. 
  • Information of the concerned parties is taken on for the purpose of processing payment only.
  • It also helps to prevent any incidents of fraud; in case any payment was erroneously made and not by the user, the same can be blocked and reversed by the company.
  • VISA has excellent authentication, fraud management, and data processing services.
  • It has the highest standards in legal compliance.
  • VISA has well-trained and responsive customer support services worldwide.
  • The company has invested considerably in cyber security measures to protect the financial and personal information of customers.

The above points make it evident why VISA credit cardholders choose this method as the most convenient and secure way to make payments online. The same security standards extend to online casinos as well.

How We Choose the VISA Online Casinos?
We have listed some of the well-reputed and reliable online casinos where you can register using VISA. There are several conveniences that we have considered that favor VISA cardholder who register at online casinos:

1. Ease of Payment

This is one of the primary reasons that many people choose VISA credit cards as a way to transact at a casino. They are sure to find this method listed as a payment option in most international as well as regional casinos such as Parimatch casino.

2. Secure and Safe Payment

Any casino with VISA can easily verify the details of a VISA cardholder. Since such cards are issued only with strict compliance, all VISA credit cardholders have a legitimate name, address listed with VISA.

3. Nominal or No Fees

This is another advantage that many casinos online with VISA offer. Nowadays most casinos have waived the processing fee that used to be charged earlier on VISA credit cards. That is mainly due to the improved relations that VISA has with companies worldwide. In certain instances, nominal processing fees are charged by banks.

4. Safety Limits

This is another way to protect one’s funds and set limits on gambling activities. Credit cards can help users limit their payments to the limits set on their cards. They can also report fraudulent use of their cards in case such activities take place.

5. Bonuses

This is another advantage that VISA cardholders can get when they register at online casinos. The best online casino that accepts VISA will also have attractive bonuses and other offers. These can be availed as soon as you register and make a deposit using your card.

Why Choose a VISA Credit Card Online Casino?

A VISA credit card is a convenient and secure way to make payments at an online casino. It provides convenience since there is no need to register at an online eWallet service simply to make a payment at an online casino. The credit card that your bank issues allows you to enjoy all conveniences at shopping as well as when gambling online. VISA ensures security when you make payments online, taking you through an encrypted transaction site when making payments. As a result, you can keep to reasonable limits when gambling as well as stay safe when making financial transactions online. 


Is my VISA card details safe at an online casino?

Yes, you can save your credit card details with confidence at any casino site you register, such as Nomini Casino. That is because VISA has a global privacy policy that makes it difficult for fraudulent transactions to take place.

Do I need to pay additional fees to make payments using VISA at an online casino?

No, there are no additional fees charged at most casinos for paying with VISA. However, you need to check on the specific terms and conditions at a site when you register.

How long does it take for my deposits to reflect at a VISA casino?

Nowadays there is no delay when you make a deposit payment using your VISA credit card at a casino.

Is VISA a secure way to pay at an online casino?

Yes, it is. VISA will transfer you to an encrypted page to verify your payment. It will ask for a password or an OTP from the user. In such cases, only the rightful owner can get the payment processed.

What are the downsides to paying with a VISA at a casino?

If you are gambling in foreign currency using VISA international, you would be charged processing fees. Also, withdrawals do take up to 2 to 3 days to show up in your credit card account.