Top Online Casinos with Ethereum in India

The world has fast shifted to digital means in various fields. One such platform where digitization has entered is currencies, known as cryptocurrencies. It's been sometime over a decade since the introduction of Bitcoin, the first of its kind cryptocurrency. 

Followed by it, many digital currencies came into being. Ethereum (ETH or Ether) is one such crypto that has taken the crypto world by storm since its massive progress in a short period.

Ethereum is used for various purposes online. One such field is online casinos, where users can gamble using ETH. More info on casinos with Ethereum is below! 

Online Casinos with Ethereum

22Bet Casino
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Nomini Casino
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About Ethereum Online Casinos

Ethereum is one of the leading  cryptocurrencies in the digital world. Many consider it to be the second most successful crypto after Bitcoin. 

Online casinos have been growing continuously to bring several enticing features to the platform. This essentially helps in offering an enhanced gambling experience to Indian punters. One of the latest additions to gambling sites is cryptocurrencies. 

Operators now support gambling via digital currencies, which has its share of benefits. And, Ethereum being one of the top cryptos, you will often find it on gambling sites for transactions. 

Interesting, isn't it? Well, there is a lot to know about online casinos with Ethereum. Keep reading to catch up on the details!

Pros and Cons of Casinos Online with Ethereum 

Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of anything helps you take proper advantage of it. Online casinos with Ethereum, too, have some strengths and downsides to it. Know them all before starting to gamble using ETH.


+ Faster transactions using ETH at online gambling sites

+ Opportunity to gamble anonymously online

+ The prices of the ETH can increase later 

+ You can play Provably Fair Games using Ethereum


- Not all Ethereum casinos offer bonuses on your deposits

- Volatile crypto markets can also feature lower prices of ETH after buying it

- You have to be really careful with the transaction details to avoid losing ETH

How to Deposit with Ethereum? 

Compared to any other deposit options, we realized that transactions through cryptocurrencies are faster and instant. So, if you are planning to deposit with Ethereum, here is how you can do it:

Step 1: Register at the Casino 

You can start by registering at the online casino. We have a list of the prominent and reliable online casinos that accept Ethereum. You can check out our list to choose the best platform according to your gambling needs.

After selecting the casino with Ethereum, create your account there. Ensure to include all your authentic details while signing up.

Step 2: Payments Page 

Navigate to the payments page to select the ‘Ethereum’ option. If it’s not individually available, you can look under the ‘cryptocurrencies’ column of the payments page. 

Step 3: Deposit with Ethereum 

After selecting the option, you will find a warning message at some online casinos. The operators usually tell you which Ethereum network to opt for while sending the coins. Note them down carefully and click on confirm to move to the next window.

In the next window, the operator will feature the wallet address to which you can send the Ethereum. You can copy the address and paste it into your cryptocurrency wallet, enter the amount and confirm to send the amount. 

Alternatively, some casinos also feature a QR code. You can scan it on your mobile phone through your crypto wallet. Add the amount and click on send to deposit. 

Tips when Making a Deposit with Ethereum at an Online Casino

Cryptocurrency transactions can be easy, but they are extremely risky. Hence, you have to be cautious to make transactions successfully using any digital currency. We are sharing with you some tips to ensure secure deposits with Ethereum:

  • It would be best if you first had a crypto wallet where you have bought and stored Ethereum. If you are not accustomed to the working of digital currencies, we suggest you learn everything there is about them. This includes crypto terms, gas fees, how to buy and sell them, crypto wallets, etc.
  • Check out the crypto which the operator accepts. Although the operator features Ethereum on the payments page, you will find the actual ETH protocol used for transactions. This includes mETH, ERC-20 token, etc. 
  • Never send the entire deposit amount in the first go. Always opt for minimum transactions while depositing using Ethereum. This is to ensure you are sending your amount to the correct wallet address of the operator. If the minimum amount reaches the correct address you sent to, and the deposit amounts reflect in your casino account, then proceed to make bigger deposits.
  • ETH gas fees are high in general. Hence, we recommend you to check with the casino operator to know transaction fees, etc.

How to Withdraw with Ethereum? 

Now that you have enjoyed gambling using ETH and won a handsome amount, you might want to withdraw them. You can again follow our simple steps to withdraw your Ethereum amount to your crypto wallet. 

Step1: Login to Your Casino Account 

Use your credentials to log in to your online casino account.

Step2: Navigate to the Cashier 

Next, navigate to the Cashier page and click on withdrawals. Then choose ‘Ethereum’ as the mode of withdrawal. 

Step 3: Enter Amount and Wallet Address

A new window opens where you have to enter the withdrawal amount and your ETH wallet address. The casinos usually mention the minimum amount you can withdraw. Accordingly, you can add the amount you wish to withdraw.

Step 4: Confirm Transaction

Finally, go to your crypto wallet to ensure you have received your withdrawal. It generally takes a few seconds to a few minutes for the amount to reflect in your wallet. However, the withdrawal time varies from one casino to another and can reach up to 1 to 3 days. 

Our Recommendations before requesting a Withdrawal

For new players, it can be exciting to withdraw actual winnings to their crypto wallets. However, you have to be a little careful and ensure to follow all the required procedures while requesting your withdrawals. For smooth withdrawals, we recommend you some tips to follow: 

  • Players have to complete their KYC (Know Your Customer) verification process and then request withdrawals. 
  • Any player who has claimed bonuses to play must ensure he has completed the necessary wagering requirements. 
  • Recheck the wallet address you are withdrawing your ETH funds to. You can first send a small amount to test the transaction. If everything goes well, then proceed to withdraw a larger amount.
  • Every platform has its withdrawal limits. Always check the minimum and maximum limits with customer care.

Ethereum Online Casino Transactions 

We hope you have understood most of the things we have explained about Ethereum gambling. However, there are still some things that many of the new crypto gamblers struggle to understand. We have covered those topics, too, to provide you with complete info. Read below:

Ethereum Transaction Fees 

While the online casinos may not directly charge any fees on your Ethereum transactions, there are always gas fees associated with this particular crypto. Hence, we recommend you to check with the casino's customer care if there are any such charges. Accordingly, decide on your deposit amount.

Ethereum Transaction Time 

Transactions through Ethereum are often instant. They literally take a few seconds to a minute or two to be processed. This applies to both deposits and withdrawals. However, some casinos might take some time to complete the processing and disbursing of your funds. 

Ethereum Deposit and Withdrawal Limits 

The deposit and withdrawal limits vary from one gambling site to another. 

For instance, consider deposit limits at the following casinos: 

  • Minimum deposit at 22Bet Casino is 70 mETH or 0.07 ETH (1 mETH = 0.001 ETH)
  • Likewise, Parimatch Casino has 0.01 ETH
  • Nomini accepts deposits of at least ₹900 worth of Ethereum 

As you can see, the deposit limits differ considerably depending on all three casinos. Hence, we suggest you get accustomed to these limits before making a transaction. 

Safety and Security 

As such, the online casinos have made provisions for users to make safe deposits and withdrawals. However, as a player, you must also tread cautiously during Ethereum transactions.

We suggest you follow these steps to ascertain safe transactions:

  • Create and maintain a strong online casino account and crypto wallet passwords.
  • Never share these details with anyone, including the casino support team or other players online.
  • Buy premium anti-malware software to protect your device, which you use for all these transactions.

How do we choose the Ethereum Online Casinos?

It’s not a big deal to find gambling sites online. However, it sure takes effort to land a perfect ETH casino. But you don’t have to bear this burden. We have a team of casino experts and enthusiasts who works relentlessly to check every detail of the gambling sites. After that, we create the list of the best online casinos that accepts Ethereum for you to check and pick a platform. 

Here are some important factors that we consider while choosing the Ethereum sites: 

Availability of the Ethereum option: We first check the payments page of the casino to know if the site supports ETH. We also look at other user-friendly deposit options in casinos available for Indian users. 

  • License: Usually, authentic casinos operate legally using a license from reliable authorities. Some of the prominent licensing boards include the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), the UK Gambling Commission, Kahnawake Gaming License, and Isle of Man Gaming License. Our team checks if all the licensing info is authentic and then only recommends you the casinos.
  • Bonuses: Next, we look if the casinos offer bonuses on ETH deposits. We also ensure that there are varieties of bonuses accessible for Indian users. Additionally, our team confirms the minimum deposit required for the bonuses, affordable wagering requirements, etc. 
  • Casino Security: When users make banking transactions at the casino, the operators usually add security layers for safe processing. Some of the common security elements include Security Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS). These are encryption tools that help in encoding users' financial info to keep them safe.
  • Transaction Timings: We all want our banking transactions to be as quick as possible. Most casinos support instant deposits. However, the withdrawals can take some time ranging from a few hours to a few days. We try to recommend to our users those casinos which support faster withdrawals. 


Which Ethereum casino offers are available at online casinos?

Generally, online casinos do not offer bonuses on Ethereum deposits. Only selected casinos have provisions of bonuses on ETH deposits. You can try contacting Nomini Casino customer support to ensure that it offers promo offers on Ethereum.

Is Ethereum one of the preferred deposit methods at online casinos?

Cryptocurrencies have been trending worldwide for a while. Some percent of Indians, too, have gotten accustomed to digital currencies like Ethereum. Hence, a few online casinos are also following the trend and have added Ethereum as one of the payment methods on their platform.

Do I have to pay fees when using my Ethereum at an online casino?

Yes, usually, there are some gas fees associated with Ethereum. But we encourage our users to check out with the support team at the gambling site for detailed info on transaction fees.

Does Ethereum allow online gambling?

Absolutely! you can use Ethereum for online gambling. In fact, there are dedicated online casinos that run on cryptocurrencies only.

What are the potential downsides to playing at Ethereum gambling sites?

As such, there are no massive downsides to the Ethereum gambling sites. You can use ETH to gamble online. However, some casinos do not offer bonuses for ETH deposits. Also, a small percentage of gas fees can apply to the ETH transactions.