Online Casinos with Mastercard in India 2022

MasterCard and online casinos in India are a match made in heaven. MasterCard is one of the most widely used payment methods in the world, with almost every casino accepting it. This page contains a list of the best MasterCard casino sites in India, as well as information on how to fund your account, withdraw your winnings, and why you should use this method.

Top Online Casinos with Mastercard

Mastercard at Online Casinos

Mastercard is one of the most widely used credit cards in the world, and it is also one of the oldest, having been introduced in 1966. It should not come as a surprise that people all across the globe use this payment method.

Casinos that accept Mastercard are plentiful. In fact, this payment method is accepted by the vast majority of online gambling sites. We've gone over everything there is to know about using Mastercard at online casinos, including our top picks.

Pros and Cons

To help you easily make a decision, here is a list of Pros and Cons associated with using Mastercard at online casinos. 


There are several advantages to using MasterCard credit, debit, or pre-paid cards at an online casino: 

  • Instant Transactions: MasterCard deposits are processed instantly, allowing you to begin playing real money casinos as soon as you've entered all of your payment information. 
  • Safe: MasterCard is one of the most widely used payment services in the world, and all of its cards include a variety of security features. 
  • Widely Accepted: MasterCard, along with Visa, is the most widely accepted payment method at online casino sites. MasterCard can be used to fund your e-Wallet even if you deposit using a web wallet like Neteller or Skrill.


  • Fees: When withdrawing funds from a MasterCard, there may be a small fee. This is a con when compared to other payment options.
  • Longer withdrawal time: On one hand where withdrawals with e-wallets are almost instant, Mastercard withdrawal may take 48-72 hours. 

How to deposit with a Mastercard?

In order to make some money at online casinos, you will need to deposit some money first. While making deposits for the first few times can be a little difficult, making a deposit with Mastercard is convenient. If you are someone who does not know how to make a deposit, you can follow the steps mentioned below: 

Step 1: Choosing your Online Casino

The first step before you make a deposit using Mastercard is to choose an online casino that accepts MasterCard. This information is easily available on the payments page of the website. 

Step 2: Opening Cashier Section

The next step is to visit your chosen casino website and log in. Once you have logged in, now you need to open the Cashier section of the casino. This section is sometimes also called “Banking”. 

Step 3: Choose MasterCard

Now that you have opened the cashier section, you will have to select deposit. After you select a deposit, you will be able to see a list of deposit options. Out of these deposit options you need to choose “MasterCard.” 

Step 4: Enter Details

Once you choose Mastercard, you will be taken to a new page where you will be asked to enter your deposit amount. After entering your amount you will be taken to another page that will ask you to enter your card details. Don’t worry because your card details are always safe at our recommended casinos with MasterCard. 

Step 5: Confirm Payment

Once you have entered your card details you will be asked to confirm your payment. For this, you may need to enter an OTP you have received on your registered mobile number. Once you confirm your payment successfully, your deposit will be complete! 

Tips for when making a deposit with Mastercard

  • Check your credentials: When you are entering your card details while making a deposit make sure you double-check that you enter the right details. Entering wrong details too many times could lead to your account getting restricted under suspicious activity.  
  • Don’t go over the limit: If you are using a credit card by Mastercard you must have a limit on it. So, make sure when you enter the amount to be deposited, you do not go above the limit. Before making a deposit, check your limits. 
  • Check any fees: Before you go ahead and make a deposit, you should check if your card has any fees. It may be possible that your card provider charges a certain fee on deposits at online casinos. Make sure you’re aware of any such charges before you make a deposit.

How to withdraw with a Mastercard?

Once you have made a deposit, and won some money, you will now want to make a withdrawal. Withdrawing with Mastercard or any other card is looked down upon. However, if you do it the right way, keep some things in mind, and you will have a great experience with zero hassles. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to withdraw using Mastercard:

Step 1: Open your casino website.

Just like depositing, withdrawing also involves you opening up the casino website you play on. You will need to log in here as well. If you are a mobile player, you should open your casino app. 

Step 2: Open withdrawal and choose Mastercard

After you are in your player account, you have to look for the “withdrawal” section. This section may have different names like Cashing Out, Banking, etc. Once you have entered this section, you should look for Mastercard amongst all withdrawal methods shown to you. Once you find it, choose it.

Step 3: Start your Withdrawal

Once you have chosen Mastercard, next you will be taken to a new page where your withdrawal will start. You will be asked to enter your desired withdrawal amount and enter card details as well. Once all of this is done, your withdrawal will be activated!

Our Recommendations before Making a Withdrawal

  1. Check if you can use a different deposit and withdrawal method. At some online casinos, you can only deposit using the same method you used for withdrawal. If this is the condition with your online casino, you must select MasterCard while depositing itself. 
  2.  Fulfill all wagering requirements. Most online casinos will not let you withdraw your bonus before you have fulfilled all withdrawal requirements. You can check the wagering requirements for your bonus on the bonus page.
  3. Use up your bonuses completely. If you have opted for a bonus, it is important that you use up your bonus completely.
  4. Keep in mind the minimum and maximum limits. Withdrawals have a minimum and maximum limit, so make sure you meet the minimum requirement while not exceeding the maximum limit.

More about Mastercard

We have taught you all about making deposits and withdrawals via Mastercard, but there are a few more things we’d like you to know. Here are a few things you must be aware of while making transactions using Mastercard at online casinos. 

Types of Cards Available

Mastercards can be issued in mainly four different forms. These four types are:

  • Credit Card: With a MasterCard credit card, you're using a pre-approved line of credit, which means you're borrowing money from your issuing financial institution. Interest rates on credit card payments vary depending on your bank's policies and the type of MasterCard credit card you have.
  • Debit Card: You can play with your own money if you have a MasterCard debit card. Payments are processed similarly to credit card transactions, with the exception that funds are taken from your linked savings or chequing account.
  • Pre-paid Card: MasterCard pre-paid cards are pre-loaded with your own funds, making them a safer and more convenient alternative to cash. These cards can be reloaded and do not require a credit line or even a bank account to use.
  • Gift Card: These are non-reloadable, single-use cards that can be used anywhere MasterCard debit payments are accepted. Gift cards have the same credit card number, expiration date, and CVV number as any other MasterCard, but they function similarly to cash in that once the money on the card is spent, it is no longer usable.

Withdrawal and Deposit Times

This is where Mastercard lacks a little. We feel that the time taken for deposits using Mastercard is negligible. However, when it comes to withdrawals you may experience a delay. When compared to other payment methods available at online casinos, this is a slight disadvantage. On average, it may take 2-4 days for a Mastercard withdrawal to get processed and reach your bank account.

Fees and Limits

Usually making deposits and withdrawals with Mastercard comes with zero fees. However, this could be different for different countries and online casinos. So, our advice to you is to always check for any associated fees before using Mastercard for your transactions at online casinos. 

Safety and Security with Mastercard

MasterCard's infrastructure is one of the safest in the world. It's a big name, and you can use it to make easy deposits and withdrawals at Casinos with MasterCard, safe in the knowledge that this brand adheres to strict security standards.

When you play at Casinos with MasterCard, you can expect standard credit card security features such as a CVV number. The MasterCard SecureCode, a security code generated by your bank to confirm payment and complete a transaction, is the real draw.

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption is another option. SSL protects your data and information. If you have a problem while making a payment, MasterCard India has a support team available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you.

Cards and pins can be replaced as needed, and if a transaction appears suspicious, you can expect a call from the brand's security team or your bank. Your account will be deactivated until the problem is resolved.

How do we choose the Mastercard online casinos?

We examine all MasterCard-accepting online casinos to see what they have to offer, then choose the best to feature on our pages. We always double-check the following when it comes to our MasterCard online casinos:

Security and Licensing

Any online casino that we recommend must be licensed by reputable organizations, which ensures the casino's security. We are always on the lookout for licenses from organizations such as the MGA and the UK Gambling Commission. We also ensure that both the funds and the personal information are completely secure. As a result, you can put your trust in our MasterCard-accepting online casinos.

Variety of Games Available

We look for online casinos that offer a diverse selection of games. The best sites get their games from the best software developers, and we make sure they're of the highest quality, fair, and simple to use.

Customer Support

The best Mastercard casinos will provide customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We look for casinos that provide a variety of contact methods, including email, phone, and Live Chat. Is the customer service team responsive, knowledgeable, and friendly?

Bonuses and Promotions

Bonuses and promotions are an interesting part of the online casino. This is why we make sure that we recommend you an online casino that offers plenty of bonuses. We look at the offers available to new and existing customers, as well as any Mastercard maximum deposit limits.


Do online casinos accept both Mastercard debit and credit cards?

Yes. You will see that most online casinos accept both debit as well as credit cards. In case you want to be 100% sure, you can check for the same on the casino’s payments page. 

Is it possible to change my payment method after I've created an account?

Yes. Most casinos will allow you to switch from MasterCard to another payment method if you start with MasterCard and later decide to switch. Some casinos will only allow you to withdraw money using the same method that you used to deposit.

Is MasterCard the most suitable option?

MasterCard is one of the best ways to get started gambling quickly and safely because it is accepted at thousands of casinos and has a reputation for providing excellent customer service.

Why won't my MasterCard let me make a deposit at an online casino?

There are several reasons why your MasterCard may be unable to make a deposit. It's possible that the online casino you're trying to access is having technical difficulties at the moment. You may have entered your card information incorrectly, or your bank provider may refuse to allow you to deposit until you contact them.

How quickly can you make a MasterCard transaction online?

MasterCard is the king of online transactions! They allow cardholders to conduct transactions almost instantly, allowing you to jump right into your favorite game.

Why choose a Mastercard online casino?

Yes, that is correct. MasterCard is a safe and secure method of payment. Your funds will be safeguarded at all times by a variety of security measures.